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 An innovative family of broadcasting companies empowered for its Urban American audience.


The mission of this innovative, life-changing family of broadcasting companies is to provide intelligent programming that is informative, educational, entertaining, inspiring, and empowering for its Urban American audience.


Success in the OTT market requires more than just offering the largest array of movie titles; it requires providing a broadcast quality user experience across devices, every time. From content discovery to socialization and engagement, OTT providers must deliver a quality experience so your audience wants to come back for more.

Urban News Network® Broadcasting Company sees the future of TV as a combination of both OTT and Traditional broadcasting simply because its urban audience had stayed traditional even though OTT applications like Netflix and Hulu are out pacing the traditional routes

Our strategy will be to simply embrace any and all formats to accommodate our customers viewing needs and focus on the big picture of making and acquiring the very best TV shows, movies and content for our viewing audience and at the same time staying ahead of the curve of technology and adapting as need be.

Moving Forward With You

We  can bring your ideas to life with sounds and pictures. We develop strategic plans for product and service marketing and sales. As creators and architects of where  media  trends are developing, Urban News Network® Broadcasting Company knows how to compose a look and the right words to reach current and emerging markets for our clients. With our  experience, foundation of work and  style,  that's what attracts new business to Urban News Network® Broadcasting Company

Do You have a TV Idea or Project ready to Launch or  Product or Service to Market, then let's get busy!

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